For this training I am asking everyone to do the following:

  1. Read  Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman 
  2. Listen to "SEBTS 9Marks Conference Session 2" by Mark Dever
  3. Listen to "SEBTS 9 Marks Conference Panel Discussion 2" 

In addition to this "required reading" the church is also providing an additional book as well as links to to the rest of the 9 Marks conference on membership. I believe all of these resources are extremely helpful and worth your time. However, I also recognize that we all have limited time and need to prioritize which resources to study first. For that reason, I commend the other sources to you after completing the blue book titled "Church Membership," and the two videos related to the 2nd session of the conference.

Also, as you read this material, please keep in mind that I do not expect us all to agree with everything we are reading or hearing. While I believe that much of it is helpful, it is important to point out that there is room for disagreement. This is one reason that I believe the panel discussion is so helpful. My prayer is that as a group, the deacons of Raiford Road can model what it looks like to wrestle through tough topics, seeking unity on the central matters while allowing room for growth and disagreement on secondary issues.

Training Goal and Relevance

This training was intended to help deacons better fulfill their duties associated with Article 10, Section B, Clause 3,  of the Church Constitution: "Church Membership Rolls."

The Deacons will be responsible to maintain a church membership roll of active and non-active members. This membership roll will serve to help the Deacons allocate their time and resources appropriately among the church members. In addition, it will serve to help focus the Member Outreach Program.

This training on "Church Membership" will seek to clarify the purpose of membership categories such as "member" in order to enable the deacons to identify members more accurately and to better lead members in light of the biblical patterns of church membership.