Helpful resources related to this training include:

  • This is the primary book used in this study.

  • Right Now Media has a six part video series that discusses some of the major themes from the book. Some of these videos were used during our group discussion.

  • A word of caution, this book is not written from Christian perspective and contains language that many will find offensive. That said, it does provide a helpful picture of the lives and mentality of the people we often interact with in Baker County. This book, therefore, can serve as supplemental reading for the purpose of better understanding the sorts of poverty that we are being called to address in our own community.

Training Goal and Relevance

This training was intended to help deacons better fulfill their duties associated with Article 10, Section B, Clause 12,  of the Church Constitution: The Pastor's Relief Fund.

From time to time, special situations may arise in which church members or, in some cases, non-members may find themselves in need of financial help. The Deacons, in cooperation with the senior Pastor, shall sanction and administer a “Pastor’s Relief Fund” to help minister to these needs. The intent of this fund is to help provide relief during unusually troubled times and to help meet special needs. This fund shall be planned for and included in the annual church budget.

This training on "When Helping Hurts" sought to establish principles that govern when and how the Pastor's Relief Fund can be administered to actually help people, as opposed to potentially exacerbating a dysfunctional situation.